M A T T + S T E P H

Matt and Steph got married in a gorgeous woodland wedding, at Woodlands funnily enough.  It is so evident these guys are just totally in love, but not just that, they are each-others favourite humans and first choice for a companion in absolutely anything. They truly are the best of friends as well as lovers.

We first met these two beautiful souls about a year ago and the four of us hit it off big time! We walked away from the evening knowing we wanted these two as our friends. The next time we met was for their engagement shoot when we had to tell them we were expecting a baby. With a due date 2 and a bit weeks before their wedding, we were prepared that they would probably want to book elsewhere. Instead Matt and Steph asked to keep the booking and we were STOKED! So their wedding day rolled around, we had a second shooter sorted and between the 3 of us were able to cover the whole day completely and had a lot of fun doing it. These guys blew us away with how easy going and laid back they were, baby Josie even got to come along so that I could shoot.

Below is a snapshot of their beautiful day, lots of trees, lots of laughter, some seriously gorgeous humans and a whole lot of fun.